Convert your marketing dollars into Micro-Funding offers through edCoins

To identify and recruit top talent for your University or company.

About edCoins

Enable access to capital that is secure and assured

edCoins are utility tokens on the EduCIVITAS blockchain solution that can be used to provide conditional micro-finance or scholarships to motivated and eligible candidates

Zero-risk and high-returns

edCoins are controlled by smart-contracts that are unlocked only when pre-set conditions are met. Pay only for those candidates that have joined your University or organization.

"edCoins disrupts the existing model of middlemen and other players who claim to provide results, but don't"

For many years, recruiters around the world have had no other option but to rely on agencies, middlemen, and other such organizations that promise to have solutions but are only ever interested in making money at the behest of clients and candidates

WHY edCoins

Supercharge your recruitment dollars

Ultra-low cost

edCoins allow you to IDENTIFY, ENGAGE, and RECRUIT the best-fit candidates without spending money upfront.


edCoins are verifiable and tracked as records throughout the process. You will never lose your money


edCoins linked to your account are paid out only with your approval, with a fail-safe smart-contract to ensure that all conditions are met for the payment to be made.

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